DJÖYN collaborated with designers Lynn Amhaz, Wael Morcos and Kamal Kamal, to strategize, plan, brand and produce 1on1nights, the launch event for 1on1 that was held at Studio 301 NYC in Brooklyn, NY. 1on1nights -- an evening of storytelling, art, dance and music -- gathered 200 guests and members of the NYC community, with the participation of perfomers and artists including Suzie Afridi, Amirah Sackett, Mona Haydar, Dum Taks with Zafer Tawil and friends, DJ Justala, and art installations by Saks Afridi, Céline Semaan and Elias Rischmawi.

Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A. / 2018
Environmental Graphics
Digital Material
Visual Identity
Brand Strategy